Hi,how are all of you. i am starting to learn french. it is a little hard but fun. you could say it's "hun" or "fard". I was born in Anchorage, Alaska,USA. i would like to get to know you guys though the time i am studying french. bye and have an awesome rest of your life.

August 8, 2017


Hello there, and welcome to Duolingo!

It's great that you're studying French; good luck with it!

hi and good luck! Duo is hard but lots and lots of people love it (including me). It Always has new things to explore, and discussion is great! You get levels, fluency... You can buy things with your lingos.... A lovely website. I'm also doing French and i can say much more now! I've learnt a lot!

Hey ! I learn english and i would like to improve it ^^ would you like to talk (in english and in french of course ;) )

Welcome to Duolingo and the discussions page! As long as you go on the discussions page sometimes, you will get to know some people through the time you are studying French. Have an awesome rest of your life too!

Bienvenue à Duolingo!

Hello, welcome to Duolingo. I'm glad you came here!

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