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How Do I Enhance My French Level?

I finished my French Tree at level 18. However, I understand that there are 25 levels. Are there algorithms keeping track of your mistakes and questions that you have answered incorrectly--no matter how slight?

I have to be honest and admit that I am EXHAUSTED! I pretty much did the entire program in 90 days with maybe 1-4 days off! And, in attempts to keep my tree full, I'm becoming careless and not typing accents, etc. Is this carelessness being recorded and preventing me from increasing my level?

I mean... I REALLY do appreciate the reviews but to do 4-6 modules again per day, (especially grammar), is discouraging and exhausting! That process alone can take me 1-2 hours. I tend towards just wanting to do whatever is the fastest way to get it done and keep my tree full.

I would appreciate any and all feedback.


August 9, 2017



As others have indicated, the Duolingo level is based on the number of XP and nothing else.

However, Duolingo is keeping track of all your mistakes including the accents. To enhance your French ability, learning to use the accents is very important. It can affect meaning and pronunciation.

In terms of being exhausted, you can always slow down to prevent burning out. In any case, find a way that works for you so that you are enjoying the process of learning most of the time rather than being discouraged.

Many of us have found that it helps to also expand beyond Duolingo with other resources - movies, books, conversation, or whatever we enjoy.

At the moment, I've decided to not always keep my current tree all gold. Nevertheless, I do work on doing some reviews everyday to practice.

I also write everything down on paper, which may not be for everyone because it does take a little longer. In any case, I think it helps to write down at least the mistakes including accents or typos. It takes longer in the short term, but is worth the effort in my opinion.

Another way to enhance your French ability and proficiency is to use the website instead of the app. It appears that you may also be doing the reverse tree, which can help too. However, I usually do only one tree at a time so that I can focus.


Thank you! GREAT suggestions! I've now discovered, (about myself), that if I find the English/French television or films that I really do enjoy that I no longer want to see the subtitles be they English or French! I just want to listen to the French. So, I've broken that crutch. I adore the television series "Versailles" and I am shocked by how much I am understanding. The same can be said for the film "300" which I absolutely LOVE!!! So, my small suggestion to others, who are studying any language, is to find those programs that you absolutely love and can watch over and over again, but then hopefully locate them in the language that you are trying to learn and view them without the subtitles. THANKS AGAIN!


You can also read my comment about keeping your tree gold in this discussion: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23046236. It is possible to keep it gold without much effort. I explain how.

'And, in attempts to keep my tree full, I'm becoming careless and not typing accents, etc. Is this carelessness being recorded and preventing me from increasing my level?' It does not affect your level (which only depends on the amount of XP), but your carelessness is the reason why your tree decays rapidly. The way you do it, you are like Sisyphus.


HA! THANKS!!! Very, VERY, helpful!


Possibly too hard to understand, but here is a parody in French of '300', where the characters are turned into gangsters from the Paris area: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4qWv0LNgxU.


I would suggest not trying to make the tree gold, if you think you need to practice future tense for example then practice future tense even if its gold. You know what you need to practice better than a computer so if it is exhausting you then ignore it and just do what you want to. It is pretty irrelevant to your actual french skills whether or not your tree is gold or your level is 25.
To actually increase your French skills i would suggesting to fully understand all of the tenses on the tree and be able to conjugated them pretty well. For Spansih for me this meant going over a particular Spanish lesson 10 or more times until I fully understood the grammar then going to other resources to solidify it e.g. finding it in texts or using a website that brings up sentences with a particular word/tense or just writing using that tense a lot.
You could be level 25 and barely understand a word and you can be level 12 and practically fluent, it depends on what you are doing outside of Duolingo not your level or amount of gold skills on here


HA! Thank you everyone--thus far. Your feedback makes sense and has cleared this up for me! After I had completed each module I would do at least 5 of the "Strength Building" tests for each specific module! WHEW! I LOVE French, but... Anyway, I was/am becoming bored and I started the French reverse tree. However, by spending so much time trying to keep my French tree full I wasn't very inspired to continue on to the other tree, (that is VERY helpful to do, though). This was eating away at my confidence. My next goal is to get some children's books in French ( The "Barbar" series) and work with that material. Then to get involved with some type of "Meet Up" conversation group.


Years ago when I first got on duolingo they had a translation section. you got to read some fairly interesting stuff and then translate it into the target language. You could actually collect experience points fairly quickly doing that. They don't have it any more and I really miss it.


I swear on every single discussion on this website there will be someone who will somehow mange to make it about immersion like I have seen even the most unrelated sentences evolve into ..but there used to be immersion.
New duolingo aesthetic - Some one is talking about verbs and you just hear a distant voice cry into the wind...don't forget about immersion


I understand your frustration and agree with you. In my opinion, I think everybody learns better if immersed in the culture and language. When you're starving you learn how to say; "I am hungry" very quickly! In fact, this reminds me of an episode of "The Simpsons" when Bart experiences everything evil imaginable while in Paris and couldn't speak the language. Finally, he is so beaten down and hungry that out of no where he begins speaking french fluently! Funny...

Anyway, while immersion is great, not everyone will have that opportunity or confidence. That was my problem. I've been to France many times but I was rarely forced to speak the language. When I did speak it I was SO bad that I was embarrassed and clammed up. My becoming much more serious about learning French and then completing the Duolingo course have given me a more solid base and more confidence to venture out and do more.

But... on the other hand... if you didn't know what a "verb"; "pluperfect"; "conditional preposition" etc really were to begin with then that type of conversations that you are looking for will be hard too. I suppose each individual has to learn what works best for them and then work from there.


I remember that! That was when Duolingo was just getting off of the ground and I wasn't as serious about learning French. I do miss that feature. But, as others have pointed out; You have to know yourself and enhance Duolingo, (if you feel you need to), with other approaches.


Kudos to you for completing the tree so fast, that's pretty awesome! To be honest, I don't see the need to get all the way to level 25, but if you're looking to achieve that, I would recommend coming onto Duolingo every day and seeing what you need to work on. Over time spent not working on certain areas, Duolingo will take away the golden stripe thingie on top of it and will encourage you to continue practicing those areas so that you can keep them refreshed and handy. In the meantime though, I say you take a well deserved break! (And as for the careless mistakes you were mentioning, I don't think they matter all that much, as I don't do them either and it's never seemed to have an impact on my score) Hope this helped! :)


it doesn't matter, in my opinion

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