"A man"

Translation:Un homme

March 9, 2013

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What's the difference between "Un Homme" and "L'Homme"?


Same difference as between "a man" and "the man"


Why use L' than Le?


Because the starting H in homme is non aspirate, as if the word started with a vowel.

In that case, to avoid vowel sound conflicts, articles "le" and "la" are changed to "l' " to ease the flow.


I typed L but I was supposed to put a #1??


No, there is a bug that changes "un" (= a or one) to "1".

in this sentence, you should get UN homme.


im having trouble telling apart "un" and "une" any tips?


"un" is masculine and "une" is feminine.


When do you use definite as oppose the indefinite


avfaith- for a specific object, it's definite. je veux LE crayon rouge (definite) I want THE red pencil. Je veux UN crayon (undefinite) I want A pencil. No matter which one, undefinite


Thank You! I haven't visited the site in a while. It's clearer now


Can garçon be used for a man?


It is advisable to be able to distinguish adults from children, if only of obvious legal reasons.

However, in some cases, you can refer to a young adult man with "c'est un brave garçon" (he is a courageous young man). But still, if the guy is older than 30, it will sound weird.

And again: please don't use "garçon !" to call the waiter in a café or a restaurant, they hate it.


I am a little bit confused about your sentence. Why did you use "c'est un brave garçon". What if if I use "i'est un brave garçon"? That is just what I think. I am sorry as I am just a beginner. Hope to help your help. Thank you so much


i don't get that why the man= l'homme, but a man=un homme.


In English as in French, articles give meaning to the noun.

"a man" means that we are refering to "any man" or "one man" = un homme

"the man" is a man that we know, that we point to, that we already mentioned in the converstion = l'homme


Is the "n" not supposed to be silent in "un", or is that because there is a vowel sound of "um" for "homme" right after it? Thanks.


why is 1 homme an anser


I think the system wants to keep us awake with its little tricks.


How is L'homme wrong and 1 homme right???


To translate "a man", you need the indefinite article "un".

The trick is that Duo has implemented an algorithm that was supposed to help learners with numbers, by allowing them to write them in numbers rather than letters.

Knowing that the same word is used in French to translate "a" and "one", Duo often suggests translations that use "1" instead of "un".

L'homme has only one translation: THE man.


Don't the man and a man mean exactly the same thing? e.g Look! The man is there! Look! A man is there!


I think with "The man", you're refering to a specific man. "A man", you could be talking about anyone.


I put "Une homme" and no, it's "Un homme" because that's not feminine, it is masuline. Offensive or what??


Saying "une homme" is like saying "she" if you refer to a man: just improper, nothing else.

Similarly, saying "un pomme" is improper, because "une pomme" is a feminine noun.


i answer l'homme but it says the answer is 1 homme. can someone tell me?


UN homme = A man

L'homme = THE man

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