Now I see

I was confused and about to get bored of learning because I was using the mobile app .. Most exercises was just building the Sentence from some given words , sometimes I was just guessing the answer instead of Translating . Thank god I knew there is a web version .

August 9, 2017


I think the web version is much better too.

Yea i think everyone thinks that

That learning system where you choose from some given words, it gives you no real challenge.

When you click on a module in the web version and roll down to the bottom from the lessons, there usually is a deep explanation about what you're about to learn. The app misses it.

Yes this is also a thing , Plus here after each mistake it tells you what was wrong .. this is a big deal when it is about verbs .

Yes, the web version is more thorough. Plus you can click on discussions when you're not sure what is happening.

I also highly recommend using a supplemental audio course. We don't get enough listening and speaking practice here. If you're learning English, they probably have lots of free audio courses, but in some other languages listening and speaking courses are very limited.

You cannot expect users to type the entire correct sentences on their phones, it is killing any desire to use the app. So the more the touch-optimized activities, the better.

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