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  5. "We are helping the man."

"We are helping the man."

Translation:Wir helfen dem Mann.

August 9, 2017



The hell is a dative?


Dative means when something is addressed to someone.


dem: helfen is a dative verb (= asks for the direct object to be in dative case).


Why is it not "wir sind helfen der mann?". Why do I not need sind?


Because German doesn't have continuous tenses like English does.

"We are helping" and "We help" both translate into *wir helfen" -- the German present tense looks similar to the "present simple" tense in English.


Can you have a German sentence without anything accusative or am I not understanding this sentence?


Can you have a German sentence without anything accusative

Of course.

The simplest sentence just has a subject (in the nominative case) and a verb -- for example, Ich singe. "I am singing." No accusative needed.

And some verbs (such as helfen, danken, folgen) take an object in the dative case -- so you can have a sentence that has an object but still no accusative.

There's no requirement for accusative case to "complete" a sentence.

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