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Have a warning when leaving a lesson page early

Would it be possible to have a little alert box pop up if you attempt to close the window or change page while in the middle of a lesson? So many times I've been almost finished with a lesson and then a stray cursor movement on my laptop or otherwise leads me to accidentally click on a link, losing all my progress and making me a sad panda.

I wouldn't think it would be too difficult, just a Javascript Alert box would do!

March 9, 2013



Thanks for the idea. Definitely is frustrating to lose your progress when you're in the middle of a lesson.


Hello, has the pop up alert being implemented yet? If not, please add one for viewing discussions while in the middle of lessons too. I've accidentally clicked on someone's name more than a handful of times while more than halfway through a lesson. It was very frustrating to have to start from the beginning again.


It happened again. I accidentally clicked on someone's profile picture on one of the discussion pages during my lesson and was sent to the picture owner's page without any warning. I also accidentally clicked my "icon" - the one on the top bar to the left of the "gear" icon - when I was aiming for the "x" button on the top right of the discussion page. Again, I was immediately sent to my home page without any warning about leaving the lesson. There is a pop-up alert when I leave Duolingo for another website during the lesson, thank you, but there is no pop-up alert if I go to another page on Duolingo. I understand if it's much harder to program, but can you please suggest to the programmers about adding an alert to page changes within Duolingo while in a lesson? Thank you very much. (Sorry for the double post, I don't know how to make a line break in my previous message.)


Yes you loose your set of answers when you click on someones name in a discussion.


Looks like this implemented now. You guys are awesome!


it works the same when you miss a letter or add an extra letter, you lose a heart, damn well breaks mine. how about it letting you know your not quite right but we know what you mean and letting you know where you went wrong,as a warning and next time it happens we will deduct a heart,please show some compassion, were only learners.


But how lovely to have a place to winge about it.


This is glorious deutsch, no mercy!


Does anyone else have a problem with their audio? My audio works fine for other programs, and it was working fine for duolingo. However, for the past two days, it is only silence, thus the lose of a heart.


Hi Sarge, I think you may have accidently clicked on [dont use microphone] it happened to me once, go to settings and click on use microphone. it worked for me, good luck.

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