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  5. "You gave us gifts last year"

"You gave us gifts last year"

Translation:Ulitupa zawadi mwaka jana

August 9, 2017



I think you can also say: "ulizitupa zawadi mwaka uliopita".


Mwaka uliopita, yes!

Ulizitupa, no. A verb can only have one object prefix. In this case, it's -tu-. If you add -zi- there, the verb can no longer be interpreted as -pa but must be -tupa (throw) ... so your sentence means "You threw the gifts last year."


Honestly i don't know why they chose 'mwaka jana'. Yesterday year? Sounds very odd to me.

Ulitupatia zawadi mwaka uliopita. < This sounds right


I've often seen mwaka/wiki/mwezi jana given in materials and I suspect it's just because it's simpler than uliopita/iliopita ...


Ulizitupa can also mean 'you sent' or 'you threw'.


why not ume- instead of ulitupa instead?


Ben is right, you can only use one infix. I had the verb "kutupa" in my mind.


Maybe the answer is "Just because," but why is it not "Ulitukupa"? I thought that generally smaller verbs keep "ku" in non-negative tenses. Thanks.


Your logic is correct, but there are only eight verbs that retain the infinitive, of which two are not even monosyllabic. And 'Kupa' is not one of them. These verbs are: 'Ku-fa', 'Ku-ja', 'Ku-la', 'Ku-nywa', 'Ku-wa', Ku-wa na', Kw-enda', 'Kw-isha'.


Well, kupa would be one of them except it essentially always has an object marker in it. This -ku- with monosyllabic verbs is never used at the same time as an object marker.

utakula = you will eat
utanila = you will eat me

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