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"Por que você duvida das minhas palavras?"

Translation:Why do you doubt my words?

March 28, 2014



Why sentence "why do you doubt of my words?" is wrong?


Some verbs require specific prepositions, some do not need any. Each language has its own requirements.

  • "duvidar" needs "de"
  • "to doubt" does not need any preposition


Is there a rule or some way of discerning which verbs require "de" and which do not...?


Sadly, there is no rule. You have to memorize each verb+preposition individually. Here are some links to help you, although they might scare you off. Maybe you should take just one verb at a time - when you encounter it needs a preposition.


Obrigado muito, irmão. Você são rápido com a tua reposta. Eu vou tentar a ver esses "links". Esses são difícil para me, porque eu nunca penso quales palavras precisa de "de"....

Mas obrigado para a tua ajuda, amigo!

E felíz Natal!


Shouldn't "Why do you doubt what I say?" be accepted? I've noticed the phrase "minhas palavras" a lot here on Duolingo, and I believe that "what I say" is the most common way to translate this into English. I'm not 100% sure though.


Yeah, it sounds more natural... Hope they can fix it.


"Why do you doubt my words" is perfectly good idiomatic English so I don't see any real need to look for synonyms.

What's more, it's so idiomatic, I'm not convinced it is less common.


That's cool. Different strokes for different folks. Are you from England?


In the areas of the USA where I have lived (several) "Why do you doubt my words" is possible although I have never heard anyone say it. "Why do you doubt my word" is somewhat less antagonistic than "Are you calling me a liar?" This last phrase might well precede a fight.


I'm learning english in addition to portuguese (I'm spanish-speaker), that's why I'd like to ask if «Why do you doubt about my words?» could be a correct question. Thanks


The correct phrase would be, "Why do you doubt my words." 'To doubt' doesn't require a preposition.


Thanks illustrium! I have to get used that many verbs in English have no preposition as in Spanish


I'm not a native English speaker, but I think you should leave 'about' out. I think'I have doubts about the dicision' or 'I am in doubt about something' is ok. Correct me if I'm wrong!


duvida das minhas palavras? Where did the "das" come from?


we use "duvidar + de + something".


Just to add, das = de + as, it is a contraction between preposition plus definite article


why did i hear "eu duvido, tu aguentar uma dessas" in a song. is that incorrect? he didnt add a "de" after "duvidar


In this case, you have a pronoun after the verb, so there are two possible translations:

"Eu duvido você + infinitive"

"Eu duvido que você + subjunctive"


Por que "doubt my" e não "doubt of my"?


"Doubt" does not require the preposition "of" as it does in Portuguese.


Tem uma regra para identificar as palavras que não precisa da preposição?


Nops... Assim como no português, cada verbo tem suas próprias características, as quais são aprendidas pelo uso.


What if you want to say, "why do you doubt me?" - do you still need.the "de" after the verb? e.g. "por que você me duvida"?


I don't think Por que você me duvida? would be grammatically wrong, but it sounds very odd.

Most people, at least here in Brazil, would say Por que você duvida de mim? - which follows the default "recipe": duvidar + de + what (in this case mim/me) C:


Here it's when I say in Spanish: "pero me entiendes". That's the important.

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