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Would like to see a practice of common nouns

Always difficult to memorize the gender for German nouns. That trips me up all of the time.

March 9, 2013



@sdunnin, your idea is noted and I will bring it back to the team. Thanks!


As I was learning Italian at university, I used to write words in a little hardcover notebook which fitted into my pocket. Whenever I had a free moment, at a traffic light (riding a bike, one had to wait very long those years), anything, I took out the book and learned. Write nouns with their article and plural down and learn them.


Thanks, I like your idea.


Try to come up with an image in your head to help. For 'der', something with a man. For 'die' with a woman. And for 'das', with an alien, perhaps.


Thinking of my post about writing things down. I forgot there is probably already something cluttering up your pocket: The Smartphone. Could take the place of the notebook.

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