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  5. "Il est arrivé là par hasard."

"Il est arrivé par hasard."

Translation:He has arrived here by chance.

March 9, 2013



What about "he got there...."


Just tried that too. I think "got" and "has arrived" mean the same thing in this context.


Is "He arrived there by chance" not also correct?


Yes, seems to be accepted now.


Well, good to know it goes both ways, I mean: people are both learning French and English... But I have another issue, when is "la" there or here?


can hasard not mean mistake here since accident is acceptable?


" Happened " is OK also . I got bounced , it's DLs error , not mine .


What about he arrived there by luck?


Would 'Il est arrivé là-bas par hasard' be translated any differently?


Wow, I said "He has arrived there randomly" and it was not accepted. I understand that the structure of the sentence is slightly off the French version, but I'm pretty sure that should have been accepted.


I don't think 'by accident' and 'randomly' mean the same thing. For instance, someone may fall off a ladder by accident but the falling off need not be random. Unfortunately, very recently the word 'random' seems to have entered colloquial english in a way that defies categorization and seems to encompass its traditional meaning as well as 'unexpected', 'arbitrary' and 'spontaneous'. I'm not sure if that's where you're coming from?


Why not "on accident"?


Unfortunatelly, 'on accident' is not correct english. It's always, 'by chance' or 'by accident'.


Well, if not correct, then certainly colloquial. I've heard it used quite often -- it seems like one of those progressive changes that may someday be considered correct, like how we like to use singular "they" as in "Someone can edit their page"


I don't know if you are saying this as a native english speaker or as a french speaker who has overheard it. I can only say that as a native english speaker, I've never heard it. Can you give any other examples you've heard?


I'm a native English speaker, but I recently saw that mainly people under 35 use "on accident". I always hear people say "I did it on accident" and I honestly rarely hear "by accident"


Have to say that I'm over 35 but i can't remember any under 35's I know saying it. Maybe some other english speakers can share their experience. I'm only concerned that we give those trying to learn english and accurate picture.


That's pretty surprising. Which country? 'On accident' would sound pretty weird in Australia no matter how young you are. Then again, so does 'at the weekend' but that's common in the UK.


As an English native speaker I've only heard "by accident" never "on accident"


I have never heard 'on accident' but commonly hear 'by accident'. However, I would have used 'accidentally' as that is what I would use normally in this instance.


"He ended up there by accident"?

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