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which language??

Do you guys think Irish is harder than Spanish or vice versa? (sorry I'm a bad speller) :)

August 9, 2017



Im irish, I learn it in school but I use duolingo for some Spanish. So far I would say that learning irish is harder, if you are learning it from scratch anyway, ive been learning it in school for years and I still get confused lots haha


Irish has a lot of grammar that is very different to Enlgsh so if that is your native language you may find it more difficult than spanish, it is however very interesting


Irish is harder than Spanish overall IMO. Not just the pronunciation but the grammar too.


The great thing about Irish pronunciation is that it's regular- once you learn the rules, you're all set. It's harder to learn how to pronounce English properly. :)


Irish is harder than spanish, and don't worry I'm a bad speller too.


When eavesdropping, perhaps at a busy bar or pub, Irish sounds somewhat like English. I didn't intend to eavesdrop, rather the ambient chatter caught my attention.


Are you sure they were speaking Irish Gaelic? Or do you mean they were speaking an Irish variety of English?


Well...it was an Irish pub in San Francisco, CA, USA. Not sure, but some of the words were so close to English. That's what caught my attention.


Could well have been English with an Irish accent! Are you familiar with Irish English? It's just there are not THAT many Irish speakers around. OR they might have been English even - many Irish would not be seen dead in an Irish pub overseas! It's just that Irish gaelic and English really don't sound anything alike at all. Anyway, who knows for sure!?


Of course Irish does NEVER sound like English. It is much different!


More so than Spanish, i think


Did it sound something like this?


If not it probably was Irish English.


Spanish is a relativity not too hard language to learn. What's hard for me is the masculine and feminine forms.


Spanish is easier, especially if your native language is English, or any romance language.


Also, I can't find any mistakes with your spelling.


I would say Irish is harder the words in Celtic languages are very hard to pronounce and since Irish is a minority language there are not a lot of resources i can't think of any Irish youtube channels or tv shows with Spanish it was easy for me to find stuff outside of duolingo to help me out but if i would do Irish i would end up being stuck after im done with duolingo i would go sa far as to say that Spanish is the easiest non Germanic language to learn if you know English.


"...i would go sa far as to say that Spanish is the easiest non Germanic language to learn if you know English."

Do you mean that German would be easier to learn for an English native speaker than Spanish?


Yes German is easier here are a lot of similar words to English dutch and Swedish and Norwegian are even easier


I am a bad speller too. I think Irish is harder than spanish. ( I HAVE NOT TRIED IRISH)


Do you think chinese is harder than japanise or japanise is harder? BAD SPELLER!!!!!


i think Japanese is harder then Chinese UwU

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