"Vala arghurot epas."

Translation:The man asks the hunter.

August 9, 2017

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If it was "Vala arghuri epas" would it be "The man asks for the hunter"?


That's a very good question, though my instinct is no. It's slightly unclear to me whether you mean that the man is requesting the hunter (for his/her presence or person), or asking a question on behalf of the hunter. Anyway, here's the entry for epagon from the wiki:

epagon [eˈpagon]
perfect: eptan
v. C-fin. to ask somebodydat. a questionacc.
Ynot mirros epās! — Ask me something!
of somebodydat. a favoracc.
Skoros ynot epilū? — What would you ask of me?
Obl. appl. iepagon (less correctly jepagon) "to ask for" somethingacc., of someonedat.
Āeksiot zȳhon vaoreznon jepin, se ziksoso udlissis. — I ask the Lord for His favor, and He responds as He will.

To be clear, any answer I give is purely conjecture on my part; hopefully others will contribute their insights.

If requesting the hunter, then I would suggest trying Vala arghuri iepas instead; if asking on behalf of the hunter, perhaps Vala arghuro syt epas.

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