"Il va jouer au football avec son frère."

Translation:He is going to play soccer with his brother.

March 9, 2013



what's "au" here?

March 9, 2013


French construction: jouer à + game "au" is the contraction of à-le.

  • il joue au tennis
  • il joue à la balle
March 9, 2013


So "au football" is not "the football"....??...(a le football)...!?

October 1, 2013


sports & games: jouer à la balle (fem), jouer au football (masc sing, contraction of 'à+le'), jouer aux échecs (masc plur), jouer aux fléchettes (fem plur)

October 3, 2013


Non-native speakers beware. When an American talks about football they mean American Football. They say soccer to mean Associaton ("European") Football. Brits talk about football for the latter game. Glad to see Duo accepts both!

October 18, 2015


To be more precise, North American people say "soccer" to mean non-US football. South American football (soccer) teams are among the top best in the world and African football (soccer) is also of very high quality. So it is definitely not a European thing.

October 18, 2015


Soccer and football are the same thing in England but football wasn't accepted in my answer.

June 28, 2017


Why the heck is this in the 'food' unit?

May 7, 2013


I think that the lesson is on infinitives.

December 28, 2013


Why doesn't this translate into "He is playing soccer...", "He will" seems to be the future tense?

June 2, 2013


"he is playing soccer" is "il joue au football" or "il est en train de jouer au football" - present tense / continuous

"he will play soccer" is indeed a future tense, to be translated by "il jouera au football".

"il va jouer au football" can be understood 2 ways: either he is actually going (walking, riding...) to the stadium or he is "on the verge of" starting a game.

June 3, 2013


Thank you!! I'm not sure what this forum would do without your help!!

June 11, 2013


Because it uses "va" which indeed can mean "going to".

April 30, 2014


Why is it wrong to translate "avec son freer" into "together with his brother"?

May 3, 2014


'avec' = with. 'ensemble' = together.

May 4, 2014


Also "he will play soccer with his brother" because "aller" is also used to talk about events that will happen in the future

January 1, 2018


"Aller + infinitive" is the near future and the English near future is "to be going to + verb".

-" He will play soccer"" is simple future and translate to the French simple future: "il jouera au football"

January 3, 2018


why isn't soccer accepted? I said "he is going to play soccer with his brother"

November 18, 2018
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