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Is there a way to sort the nouns learned by gender?

My native language has genders too, and I often confuse the German ones, I'm wondering if Duolingo has a function with which I could sort the nouns that I have learned in previous lessons based on their gender so I could memorize them better.


August 9, 2017



Even the UNG ending is not foolproof. Zb Der Dung , Der Sprung. Is this because they are monosyllables?


It's because ung is not an ending in those words but part of the word root.


the gender of German nouns is often revealed by the endings. For example: -ung = feminine.


I've been using Quizlet to create flashcards with the names of nouns and the correct determiners. Go to https://quizlet.com :)


Hi, Alex, I don´t think duolingo has such a funcion, I didn´t found anything like that. There are two things you can do.

Use www.leo.org and make a free account. Than you are able to save the words you want to memorize. You can also seperate them in two different files male/female.

Use http://codeisstyle.de make an free account and download it on your tablet/mobil. unfortunately this site is in german. But when you made it you can use it anywhere also without internet access. Type in the words (with the articel) you want to memorize and train them whenever you want.

It´s a little more work but it helps a lot.

greez Angel

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