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  5. "Imbeni wimbo"

"Imbeni wimbo"

Translation:Sing a song

August 9, 2017



Kuimba wimbo means to sing a song


... yes ... indeed ...


Isn't imbeni 'you all' ?????????


'-eni' implies you (plural). It's unfortunate that the precedent was (erroneously) set that the 2nd person plural imperative translation is 'you all' when it's not. The actual translation for 'You all' is 'Ninyi/Nyinyi nyote'. This form can also be in imperative: All of you, sing!/ Sing, all of you! - (Nyinyi) nyote, imbeni!/Imbeni (nyinyi) nyote! ('Nyinyi' is not necessary to include, refer to the Pronoun Use post for more info on this)

We're trying to change that, and accommodate both singular and plural interpretations, but trying to eliminate the use of 'you all' in the imperative


Yes... it means "You all sing"... but the 'you all' is apparently implied here

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