"I saw few knights in their kingdom."

Translation:Dorolvī azantī pōjo dāriot ūndan.

August 9, 2017

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Why pōnto instead of pōja (pōjon) here? 'Kingdom of them'?


Because it is comes before a singular terrestrial noun that it is describing in the the locative case...

Prepositive class 1 adjectives that modify singular and plural terrestrial nouns in the locative and dative cases are prefixed with an "o", unless the following word starts with a vowel, in which case they retain the final "t" that is otherwise lost in prepositive position (for example "in the blue/green kingdom" is "kasto dāriot" but "in the blue/green city" would be "kastot oktiot").

“Pōja” is more common because it’s used to modify singular lunar nouns in the nominative case (for example "their father's younger sister's child is happy" would be "pōja ñābranna kirine issa").

“Pōjon” is used substantively as a pronoun rather than as an adjective (for example "it is theirs" would be "pōjon issa").

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