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If you people like any of these, please comment and/or upvote!

(1) Timed practice lasts 45-60 seconds, with pause button.

(2) Suggestions forum.

(3) Ability to make your goal a number other than IXP, 10XP, 20XP, 30XP, or 50XP (for instance, a goal of 40XP, or of 15XP)

(4) A bonus slang course.

(5) Bots on PC.

(6) ''Send lingot button'' on profile pages.

(7) A faster notification button.

Thank you for reading, and please upvote!


August 9, 2017



i upvote! these are great!


are all these options available on Duolingo or are they on other websites?


No, they are not on Duolingo. These are suggestions for Duolingo, things that in my opinion could make the site better. As Duolingo is the only language learning I have tried, I am not sure if they are on other websites, but I highly doubt it.


I haven't seen any of those things except the first one, and (sorry to those who like it) but I don't like it, the time for it is too short


You think a minute with pauses is too short? A minute is kinda short, but it's better than 30 seconds. And you could pause it while you think about the answer, so IMHO, I think my idea's time isn't too short.

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