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Weirdest Duolingo Phrases

What is the weirdest thing you have ever typed in a Duolingo lesson? Mine was "Yo soy un caballo. Yo hablo Ingles" which means "I am a horse. I speak English!"

August 9, 2017



When I was contributing to the Spanish course for English speakers I added many funny sentences. It was me who included "Yo soy un caballo. Yo hablo inglés". I also created these ones:

  • Luis eats soap.
  • The cat cooks a mouse.
  • My boss is a monkey.
  • I'm not a horse.
  • Luis is an elephant.
  • Luis is a duck.
  • The spider eats birds.
  • I'm a duck, I speak English.
  • Juan is a bull.
  • The girl eats spiders.

I just was tired of seeing sentences with animals drinking milk and eating bread so I decided that we needed something "different". :0)


German is popular for having the phrase "Help! The horse is eating the holy potato!"

We also have talking apples, birds that read the news, and a bad K.


That, I think, is the strangest phrase I have encountered so far.

  • 1810

The Hungarian has so many sentences about flying kindergarten teachers that it truly became the hallmark of the course.


Something like, "How do we break that culture?" Sounds ominous.


There is a Tumblr dedicated to the oddness of Duolingo sentences: https://wtfduolingo.tumblr.com/


In Dutch, there was something about an orange speaking (de sinaasappel spreekt), saying good day to juice (goedendag sap) and saying hello to shoes (hallo schoenen).


Some languages have "Your bear is drinking my beer".


"Je mange comme un cochon" which means "I eat like a pig"

There is even a twitter account for this "Shit Duolingo Says" :)


Mine was "El pingüino bebe leche", which is "The penguin drinks milk" in English.


Haha. Mine was "I am not a banana!" But Duolingo actually put like 4 exclamation points after it.


Lol. xD Silly 'Lingo.


You are all dead men that sound likes something a maffia boss would say


in italian there is "Io bevo olio", I drink oil (can be vegetal or motor oil, there is no context)


The butterfly writes the book: Portuguese.


mi gato habla ingles, my cat speaks English!

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