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  5. "Ea ne arată nouă."

"Ea ne arată nouă."

Translation:She shows us.

August 9, 2017



Why are people being downvoted for asking grammar questions about the sentences? Most unfair, and I have upvoted them, for what it's worth.


Is there any more breakdown of this phrase than just "ne arată nouă" meaning "shows us" ? I'm seeing some recognizable words, but not making connections to the phrase. Thanks for the help.


Basically "Ea ne arată" is enough, where "ne" is the weak dative form of noi. However it is common in Romanian to reduplicate pronouns for extra emphasis, which is why the strong dative form "nouă" is added at the end, but it is optional and the sentence is still correct without it.


Thanks, and how does one distinguish between "us" and "nine"? (Apologies if this was obvious from earlier lessons, I might have glossed over it.)

What would "She shows us nine" look like?

Thanks for your help.


It is even worse (or more interesting): “Nouă” can mean “us,” “nine,” or “new” (feminine of “nou”). In this case, however, I do not see how it could mean “new-”


"She shows us nine" = "Ea ne arată nouă." Distinguish based on situation or context.


So 'She shows us nine new cars' would be ea ne arata noua noua masini noua'? (sorry can't type tje diacritics on my keyboard)


Why is it "ea ne arată nouă" and not "ea ne nouă arată"? I can't get the proper word order in these sentences, should i divide waek and strond form of dative pronoun with verb or not?? What do you want from me, Duo?... :(


I'd assume 'noua ne arata' should work..?


You can use this word order only if you want to emphasize the pronouns, like in this example: Ea nouă ne arată ceva, vouă vă arată altceva. (She show something to us and another thing to you.)


To lebo_bebo, I answer you here because your question was at the end of thread.

Your example "She show us nine new cars" can be translated "Ea ne arată (nouă) nouă mașini noi." That because the adjective must follow the plural form of "mașini". The first "nouă" is not necessary because you have already the previous pronoun "ne".

"Nouă" as adjective is for singular feminine nouns, like

  • "mașină nouă"(new car),
  • "rochie nouă"(new dress) or
  • "față nouă"(new face).


Why not "ea ne arata noi " ???


nouă = dativ ; noi = nominativ, acusativ


An she shows us nine : "Ea ne arată nouă nouă." :-)

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