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  5. Sie ist privat unterwegs.


Sie ist privat unterwegs.

what does that mean?

August 9, 2017



Germans tend to clearly separate job and private life (Berufliches und Privates trennen). You could say "Gestern habe ich meine Chefin in der Stadt getroffen. Sie war privat unterwegs.", and it would imply that you met each other by coincidence, and your boss was there for personal reasons, not for a business meeting.


I had to look up the english words, let's see if I had more luck :)
She's on the road for personal reasons. (privat in this case means in her free time, not for business).
I think "personal reasons" is not quite correct. She could just visit her oncle in canada.


"Sie ist geschäftlich unterwegs" means: She is on the way for business. "Sie ist beruflich unterwegs" is: She is on the way for her job. "Sie ist privat unterwegs" means: she is on the way for personal reasons.


ah ok, I wasn't sure, because the german "Sie ist aus persönlichen Gründen unterwegs" implies some important reason (not just visiting her uncle, except he is close to dying).


very clear thanks


Where did you see this sentence? It looks broken, incomplete. Maybe some context would help translate it?

From what I know, it could mean "she's on her way" but then "privat" just doesn't fit, she's on a private way? I think this sentence you provided is missing something


It's perfectly fine in german.

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