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Grammar Question

What is the difference in usage between "quel(le)(s) que" and "quoi que"? Both, to my understanding, mean "whatever", but when do I use either one; what's the difference?

August 9, 2017



I hope that will reply to your question ^^


PS : I cant explain better than him ^^'


I could be wrong but I think his question is on "quel que" and "quoi que", not quel and quoi.


Lol. Saw that too, wasn't sure if it was right!


Quel que is used when you have a direct subject "Mes livres se mouillent quel que soit le temps."My books get wet whatever the time. Specifying the subject of books getting wet along with the time. Quoi is always used with indirect subject. So Quoi que would appear like this "'Mes livres se mouillent quoi que ce soit'' My books get wet whatever. No direct subject just wet books no specifiycation on how , why or when. Hope this makes sense. tell me if your still lost and i'll try to explain better gl have fun learning :)

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