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Will an ad-free purchase option return?

When ads were introduced on iOS, so was a month-long ad-free pass, which supported the site, removed an extra screen from my experience, and made me happy.

When Duolingo Plus came and added health and ability to buy gem packages, the ability to buy an ad-free pass disappeared. I've given it a few months in case it came back but it hasn't.

Are there any plans to let us pay to remove ads again? It made me really happy and I liked spending money on it and supporting the site on a monthly basis.

(My apologies if this is a repetition. I searched several ways but couldn't find a discussion about the ad-free option disappearing.)

August 9, 2017



I agree we need an ad-free version to iOS, I would buy it and we have 5 duolingo users in my family.


I still have my Duolingo plus icon on my droid so either you are mistaken or this is isolated to the iOS because I've no ads on my web version


Ad free is IMHO still available on Android.

You can test it for yourself by installing Bluestacks Android emulator on PC/Windows.


I purchased ad-free for a year through Apple. At least they charged me for it. But nothing has changed on the app. I deleted and reinstalled the app and it is still not ad-free.

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