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Tagalog For English Speakers

Looking for those interested in creating a Tagalog course. If we can get this thread popular enough we may have hope.

August 9, 2017



There is already a thread for language suggestions



My mom and her family are from the Philippines and they speak Taglish when they're together. I'd be nice to contribute to the conversation.


Same here. My mom is from northern Cebu so Cebuano is her first language but she also speaks English and Tagalog. She lives with me and my siblings in the US and we have family living about 8 hours away by car, plus a few family members in Spain, but most of the family still lives in the Philippines. Some of the family still lives in Cebu but a lot now live around Manila.

We had a reunion a few years ago in Cebu and conversations were happening in a mix of Tagalog, Cebuano, English, and Spanish. Sometimes cousins had to step in to translate between whichever languages they knew so at times it was like playing telephone in four languages. This made me realize that my siblings and I are the only ones that don't have to speak at least two languages just to survive. I guess that's part of what motivates me to learn other languages.

I'm learning Tagalog on my own with Memrise, a grammar book, and the help of family, but a Duolingo course would be really useful.


[GUIDE] I would like a new course: What should I do?

Also, you can apply to contribute to a course at here:


There is a good chance that a Tagalog for English speakers course will be created once English for Tagalog is finished.


I am interested in a Tagalog for English Speakers as well, so I would appreciate being updated on progress toward that goal. Thanks!

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