"We bought apples."

Translation:Noi am cumpărat mere.

August 9, 2017



Interestingly, as an auxiliary verb, a avea takes the form "noi am" instead of "noi avem".

August 9, 2017


Yes, you make a fine point.

Here is the conjugation table for the regular verb "a avea": link. This is the verb we use to indicate possession. For example:

  • "Noi avem două mere." = "We have two apples."

And here is the conjugation table for the auxiliary verb "a avea": link. This is the verb we use, among other things, to form the perfect compus past tense in Romanian. For example:

  • "Noi am mâncat două mere." = "We ate two apples." / "We have eaten two apples."
August 10, 2017


In the romanian language you don't have to always put pronouns in front of the verbs. So "Am cumparat mere" should also be accepted as well as every exercise that doesn't accept verbs without pronouns. (Native speaker)

December 27, 2018



September 1, 2019
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