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Not liking the new XP profile view

I did a bit of Italian from Spanish to get in some extra practice for the Italian basics and I wondered how many XP I had for that specific course. I couldn't find it because my courses are all being compared cross-linguistically and my Italian from English course has way more XP (and therefore is the one that shows) so I can't check my XP on Italian through other languages. This is a bit frustrating to me because I like changing my language base to practice multiple languages at once and I like seeing my progress as a form of motivation.

Anyone else not liking this? To Duolingo: Are you planning to set up a different way to show our XP without needing to go to our profile page?

August 10, 2017



OK, so I'm not the only one. I do the base-language switching as well and I can't see my xp points for courses such as English for Spanish, Spanish for German, etc. I think it happened when we got the ability to easily change courses from different language bases (you know...the update from a few months back). While I like all of my courses on the drop down menu, I would like to know how many xp points I have!


I was barely present for the update due to life obligations at the time, but I was happy to see that they made course-switching easier. I guess that this is a temporary downside of the update and they'll find a way to show our progress in a different manner via website.

I agree, XP and levels are something I track closely. I know they're not significant to tell your fluency level but I like that sense of achievement that comes with a level-up or getting your XP down to the 100's instead of 1000's!


I also wish that Duolingo had a different way of showing XP. I am learning French from German and English, and Italian from French and English. If I knew how much XP I had in my French from German and Italian from French, it would be amazing. I am glad we got the new drop-down menu, though! It really is nice.


Log out and then check your profile page. Yes, this is roundabout.


I noticed this! It's really frustrating.

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