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Ideas For Keeping Up While I Can't Use Duolingo?

I am moving in a day or two, maybe even tomorrow and will be without internet for a couple of days, possibly even a week. Since I won't have internet access I won't have access to Duolingo. :( I use Duolingo every day and am even on a 35 day streak so it's not going to be easy to do without it.

I have started by downloading Byki Exptess (the free version of Byki) and I also have a Spanish grammar book and some kid's books in Spanish. I am wondering if anybody else has any ideas for keeping my 'Duolingo Streak' going even while i don't have Duolingo.

Any and all ideas are appreciated so don't be afraid to throw some at me. Thanks in advance!

March 9, 2013



The next version of the iPhone app will save ~1 hour's worth of lessons for offline use, but that won't be available until sometime next week! It's something to consider in the future though if you own an iPhone or iPod Touch.


That is great to hear!


Download Interlex - it comes with a lot of basic vocab libraries all organized into subject areas -not just for Spanish but countless other languages also.



Perhaps make yourself some flashcards with phrases and words on them to flip through. You could put the english on one side, the language you are learning on the other and shuffle them up so you get a variety.


Get children's picture books in Spanish, and read them out loud.


Sorry dude, not from me, I dont even know what a streak is


A streak is how many is how many days in a row you've studied. For example your streak (the little fire symbol next to your avatar) is currently 3. So you must have studied Duolingo 3 days in a row.


Oops, this was a month ago xD sorry


It was actually posted six months ago, but no sweat. Lol.

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