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How do you remember German verb endings!?!

So I take German as a class and am just beginning, I seem to have a lot of trouble learning ways to remember verb endings: -e -st -t -en; and I really need help! I have a test coming up and that will be on the test! Any helpful ways to remember?

August 10, 2017



You can study the verb tables but they mostly just get drilled inot your brain by doing a lot of practise


They are verb conjugations, and I just kind of commit them to memory (just practice, practice, practice). Here they are:

Ich brauche—I need

Du brauchst—You need

Wir/sie/Sie brauchen—We/they/you (formal) need

Er/sie/es/ihr braucht—He/she/it/you (plural) needs


My students just said all the time "est ten ten". and i asked them what this means. They said it is for the verbs ending. -e,-st,-t,-en, -t, -en... And on the date of exam all of them wrote this sentence on the paper where the verbs are asked


Thank you so much! I have my first quiz tomorrow and have been stressing over this so much! Danke!


A device that I heard during high school : E st., 1010 (e street, tenten). Reads kind of like an address, gives you the standard endings in order. ich -e, du -st, er/sie/es -t, wir -en, ihr -t, sie/Sie -en


That's a pretty good way to remember it! I've never thought of it while learning. Thanks!:)


I was taught this rhyme.

Ich e, du st, er/sie/es t t t, wir/ihr/sie enten quak quak quak quak. The last part enten quak quak quak quak, refers to the fact that wir generally means that it ends with en, ihr ends with t and sie ends with en. Hope that was helpful.

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