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Lovers of Foreign Music...

My friend and I have created a playlist of our favorite foreign music. We are trying to include all types of music,from many different languages. So if you like foreign music ( or just music) please check it out! Also if you think our playlist is missing something please feel free to comment below, and we will take it into consideration to add it. Thank you for reading!

Here is the link of the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4nEFlngb4OyZblQMYUOc1c58gXjRLFv8

August 10, 2017



Wow! Thank you so much for this! I've just listened to three songs I haven't listened to in over a year!

-"Sofía" by Álvaro Soler (I forgot just how hot of a singer he is XD)
-"Luce Che Entra" by Lorenzo Fragola (I now understand this song a lot more one year later!! X) Also, I love how his last name means strawberry in Italian! :D)
-"Dernière Danse" by Indila (I can only understand about three words of the song and that's it but I can't believe how much I love and have missed this song!! X))

Thank you so very much!!! :D


I love Indila! I recently got into her music and I was surprised at how much I was able to understand her songs.


That's amazing!! :D I know that feeling, it's a great one! When you start to understand more and more of the language you're learning/you've learned through songs! :)

Keep at it!! Good luck!! :D


Omg I love Indila as well! Tourner Dans Le Vide is so awesome! Check it out if you haven't already :D


That happens to be my favorite song from her. ^ ^


Álvaro Soler is one of my favorite Spanish singers! He also got me into Morat by way of Yo Contigo, Tú Conmigo and now I sing along to all of their songs in the car on my daily commute.

Also, following Álvaro on Instagram has been a fun way to practice listening in certain languages. He posts stories several times a day in Spanish, Italian, English, and sometimes German. I'm so envious of his language skills =P


Oh my! He can speak in four languages?? I had no idea! :D

Yes, he's so good! If I had Instagram, I'd follow him, hands down. XD If only he could teach me some more German... X)

I'm Puerto Rican and Spanish is my native tongue, so I listen to Spanish music all the time, but I'd completely forgotten about Álvaro!!! What a shame... I do absolutely love listening to Luis Fonsi, Enrique Iglesias, and Chayanne, though!!! There's also Jesse y Joy, who are so great!! And also an amazing group of singers called Kevin, Karla, y La Banda!

Has he made any songs in Italian?? I'd love to keep on practicing it by hearing the sound of his voice. X)


no problem! it's so exciting to see other people happy, and my friend laughs over the strawberry name too xD


:D Yes, it really is! :)

And yeah, it's pretty funny. XD The best last names are usually the Italian ones, (that I know of... :D)

In bocca al lupo con tutte e tre delle tue lingue!! :D Ti auguro il meglio! :)


If you like k-pop or j-rock you should include songs from some of the groups.

Also I recommend MOVITS! (Swedish) and A. R. Rahman (Hindi/Tamil).


ok thank you :D will do


If you do get around adding Kpop/Jpop to the playlist, here's what I suggest:


Utada Hikaru
Ali Project
Eir Aoi

Also, Cpop is another genre you may consider. ^ ^


Kaizers Orchestra is really good for the Norwegian learners.


It is sad that classical music or cultural foreign music is getting rarer. So I wouldn't do pop or rock with it...

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