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What are your best learning tips?

Everybody has a method that they use while working on learning languages? What is yours? I know many people write stuff down. I want to know what your method is. Have a fantastic day!

August 10, 2017



When you finish a course on duolingo you are probably not advanced enough to do much except basic reading so what i do is i try to go to wikipeda and i try to find short articles in the language im trying to learn and every time i find a word i dont know i copy paste it into something like google translate

And then after that i try to find short youtube videos in the language if you like playing video games try to change the language settings of the game and try to multitask so you can train even when you are doing other things


I thought I had a strong mind but when I read the experiences of my friends I realized that I learned other languages are very weak.


For me, I write down the words I learn and try making sentences out of them then I would check if my sentences were right.


I look up words on linguee.com. There I'll find the word in many uses and in context, and I'll get a much better sense of the word than a word-to-word translation looking it up in a translation/dictionary.


Right! I do the same! :D


I've never heard of this site before. It seems very useful, thanks!


I use wordreference.com http://www.wordreference.com/ most of the time. Linguee is really really good site as well.

[deactivated user]

    My tip may sound like wishy washy gobbelty goop, but please keep it in mind. Have fun. When you love a language it becomes wildly easier.


    I also look at (Spanish) youtube videos that explain how to repair an appliance or play the guitar or whatever you are interested in. Watching someone explain things in the language you are learning is super cool!


    Bonjour JacobPiecz5

    Keep it fun and enjoyable as much as possible

    I enjoy fan fiction

    I try to read the short stories written in French for Harry Potter, Doctor Who etc

    As I have progressed very slowly through the Duolingo French course I am finding that I am understanding a bit more, but I still have to lookup a lot of French words.

    Another advantage is that the fan fiction writers are often young so I get to learn the less formal French


    good ideas! I'll add: reading graphic novels, for example Tintin, it's very enjoyable. That's where I learned to spell "beaucoup". I only knew it was pronounced 'boku' but had never seen it spelled out.


    I use additional sources. I look up definitions of words, grammar rules, proper pronunciation guides. I learn best by writing things down, so I write down the new vocabulary over and over until it sticks to my memory.

    I've also recently started listening to audio courses. When you're learning a new language, speaking is the hardest part, so it's very important to get that practice.

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