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  5. "El perro parece enfermo."


"El perro parece enfermo."

March 9, 2013



Is no clitic needed? Like, el perro me parece enfermo, or el perro se parece enfermo?


Me parece would be a more subjective thing. If you were discussing the dog and your friend would say, that the dog is just tired you could say: me parece enfermo, meaning in your opinion he is sick, but not to everyone. If you say, el perro parece enfermo everone agrees.

Parecerse (a) (as a reflexive verb) means that something is very similar to something else. Ellos se parecen (they are very similar), tu te pareces a tu hermano (you look/act/whatever like your brother)


in the form used in "ellos se parecen", it is also/rather called "reciprocal verb",

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