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Health bars not added after practice

I have noticed in the last few days that my health bars are no longer being topped up when I practice. Does anyone know why?

August 10, 2017



If you are working in the App, try the web version: www.duolingo.com


Thank you. I'll give it a try.


Is it possible that you lost your connection? When I was travelling, I was able to complete a practice or lesson, but didn't get credit for it as I was no longer connected to wifi.

You might try changing the topic to troubleshooting to get more helpful responses.


Thanks. I haven't lost my connection so it must be something else.


Hi, Same thing happening to me, trying really hard to get fully gold so it is quite frustrating. On the other hand it forces extra revision on me.


This morning after practising four or five areas it then added health for my next practice. I'll see what happens tomorrow!


I've had the same problem. I haven't lost a connection and it's really frustrating.


Same for me. The practice button contains the little icon that suggests it will add health, but it then doesn't add the health once complete. On the latest mobile update on iOS. I hope this is a bug and not an extension of the 'monetisation' project.


Version 5.1.7 iPhone and iPad. Have tried a couple more times different languages. (It de es). Practice where you choose the topic in the tree on ones that are no longer gold does not restore health any more. Practice on the button in the health page appears to but you have no control over what gets practiced. Which is kinda sad especially if this isn't just a bug in this version of the iOS Minor update - while working through my German turning them back gold one did give me a health point back. But subsequent ones didn't. So it's intermittent and not often that practicing a non-gold subject restores health as promised.


Actually the app is quite confused when you switch between languages. I just completed present 1 in Spanish and the app (5.1.7) switched itself to German. Then it had forgotton I had finished present 1 and I'm back to 1/3. Buggy.


I recently noticed this problem as well. Using iOS version 5.2.17.

If I use the “practice” tab at the bottom my health is restored.

Under the new crown system it gives me the option to practice an individual skill, such as Basics 1. After I complete the lesson it show a screen of my health increasing. However, when I check my health status I don’t receive credit for the practice session.

Anyone else having this issue?

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