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  5. "There are kids in the room"

"There are kids in the room"

Translation:Mna watoto chumbani

August 10, 2017



Isn't ndani needed to indicate inside the room, or does the -ni suffix do that by itself?


It's mna. This in itself indicates an inside location.

kuna = there are (somewhere around here)
pana = there are (in this spot)
mna = there are (inside/in this enclosed space)

Just be careful not to confuse it with mna, you(pl) have.


Thank you. This is not clarified in the lesson notes.


OK, I've missed where the instructions that outline what you are sharing. Can you point me in the right direction so that I can go research please? I've seen the locative info for in the locative information, but I don't see this one.
I really appreciate your pointing me in the right direction... Thank you


chumba is room. chumba-ni means inside the room.


I am confused. Another question is answered with "Pana paka . . ." meaning there is a cat. So I assume that -na takes appropriate noun prefixes. So why isn't this "Wana watoto . . . "?


Why can't you say watoto wamo ni chumbani


Watoto wamo chumbani means (The) children are in(side) the room. 'Mna ...' means 'there are ...'

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