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"Die schwarze Tasche ist meine."

Translation:The black bag is mine.

March 9, 2013



Why is it "meine" and not "mein"? Are posessive pronouns different from the adjectives?

Die Katze ist schwarz. Die Katze ist mein. Or "meine"? Why?


Without a noun the possessive pronouns are used with gender endings.


So if I was a man I would say "die schwarze Tasche ist mein" ?


No, "meine" has to agree with "Tasche", not with the speaker's gender.


Ooh okay - thanks for the clarification!


I remain unsure. I accept the reasoning behind the answer above well enough ("mein" has to get its gender from somewhere), but why the distinction: "Without a noun..."? They use gender with a noun as well, correct? Maybe it was just confusing the issue? Or am I missing something?


Possessive determiners like mein/dein/ihr/unser/etc. follow the declension pattern for the indefinite article ein. That means that there are some combinations of case gender that require no ending - for example nominative masculine: Das ist mein Hund.

Possessive pronouns (technically they're only called this when they replace the noun completely, i.e. don't have the noun following them) however follow the declension pattern for the definite article der. That means they always need an ending, even in those situations where they wouldn't as a determiner: Der Hund ist meiner.

Think of these two categories as the difference between "my" and "mine" in English.


Gender is used both for adjectives and for pronouns with nouns, but without nouns the adjectives are used without endings (like "Die Katze ist schwarz" vs "die schwarze Katze").


@olimo: Okay, thanks; doesn't seem too tough to remember.


I think "meine" is correct, but for some crazy reasons I never studied the topic in three German books. :(


Tasche v Tüte? Like handbag/purse v shopping bag?


Yeah, kind of.


I thought you couldn't use meine like this. Would "Die schwarze Tasche gehört mir" work?


Even if it means the same, it is not an accurate translation for "The black bag is mine". There is no "belong" in the English sentence here.


Ahh okay. I only saw the sentence in German. This makes sense thank you.


could Tasche also be used for purse?


Handtasche is probably better for that without further context.


Why is it meine not meiner? I thought if a possive pronound that has no noun after always ends in er like Dieser Mann ist "einer" von uns.

Translation for the last sentence would be: This man is one of us.


so if a possessive pronouns which has no noun are used with gender endings, can i say "das Pferd ist meines?"


No, because "Pferd" is in the nominativ. You would say "Das ist mein Pferd" (with no ending beyond the stem) so changing the order would keep that the same.

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