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  5. "July is the cold season"

"July is the cold season"

Translation:Kipupwe ni mwezi wa saba

August 10, 2017



The answer seems to say "The cold season is July".


The sentence should also been accepted in reversed order. Thanks.


The word order is still confusing. If the other translation Mwezi wa saba ni kipupwe is not correct, how can I distinguish between the sentences

July is the cold season and The cold season is July


In English I usually think of "is" being an equal sign with words on either side being interchangeable. Is there a reason DuoLingo rejects writing this in the word order given in the task? "Mwezi wa saba ni kipupwe" is not accepted. 25 October 2019


It looks like it's just a missing answer. Go ahead and report that your answer should have been accepted.


July is not a season! You could say that the cols season falls in July. Please fix. 19022020


Mwezi wa Saba ni kipupwe should be accepted

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