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Old school learning

Kiswahili books, dictionaries and courses can be found on different websites. I downloaded, from my point of view, the best of it and gathered it on my Google drive. You can download and print, which makes learning easier.


August 10, 2017



Thank you, these look very helpful :)


Especially this Dictionary#1........7567 pages means not a single word is missing, i guess :)


The only thing to be aware of when learning vocabulary from a dictionary is that there is a lot of vocabulary in dictionaries that typical Swahili speakers in Tanzania won't even be aware of. While I haven't run into this issue personally(because I mostly learned words through interactions rather than from memorizing vocab), I have been warned about this by people before. I recommend supplementing your learning with listening to Swahili through youtube, movies, music, or news. If you don't already have sources on the Google play store you can download ITV's television station app, you can also download an app to listen to Tanzanian Radio Stations, but I haven't tried this to see if it works or is any good.


I have had great diffuculty finding a Swahili dictionary in the past although i was looking for physical editions


Kickass! Thanks so much!


you literally just made my day


This is very useful, but please be careful, I do not think it is legal to make these documents public in this way. For me it is nice to be able to select a textbook in this way. DuoLingo is not good enough to really learn the language.


Yes, I'm aware of that. But on the other side all those websites do allow legal download of these files so its not that bad :)

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