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Just started german

Hi my native language is finnish and I speak fluent english and little bit sweden and I just started studying german and I was thinking is it going to be hard to me because when I played this app and it went pretty good but how about irl and I am good with languages

August 10, 2017



I'm doing well with the app, but I definitely need real life practice. Also, I find that I need supplemental information about the grammar, as it is very minimal in the Duolingo app/site. See if you can get a book from the library on German grammar, there are also plenty of websites on grammar as well.

Additionally, Swedish is supposedly a Germanic language, so you probably will find a lot of words being similar in these languages. It will make word memorization a bit easier. Good luck.


Have fun learning the language. It's a great language to learn but can be hard. A have found a few things help me in my German. 1. I use another language learning thing called Rosetta stone of which I am half way through. 2. I do Duolingo. 3. I watch movies with German subtitles sometimes. 4. I play Minecraft on a German server sometimes. 5. I speak German to my family (They don't understand me but it's still fun). 6. I try to pick two phrases or words and memories them occasionally (This is a defiant winner it really helps me memories things.) and 7. Just experiment. It's always good to experiment and try using phrases that don't necessarily make sense but just try to use them and correct as you go along. That's my advice.


Wow! That helped me too. Thanks :D


Hey great congrats on the 12 day streak. I thought I might give you some encouragement. You've really been working hard and that's good for you. LoL I'm having trouble getting a 4 day streak. Good Job.


Haha thanks :Dd I have just huge amount of motivation

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