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"You are playing with your tiger."

Translation:Du spielst mit deinem Tiger.

August 10, 2017



Du spielst mit eurem Tiger. Could it be wrong? It is not natural but 'You play with you guys' tiger.' or is it wrong? It marked wrong...


"Du spielst mit eurem Tiger."
Sounded a bit strange to me at first, but it's fine.
eg. Your family owns a tiger and you play with it.


Yep, that is what I thought. But Duo didn't want to mark it correct even it is their sentence. sign...


I've added it as an alternative now.


Großartig! I think it sounds a bit odd but as far as it is correct, that is good to know. Danke.


Seems it is still not accepting the alternative. Thanks for checking.


I don't know how long it takes before those alternatives go "live". If you have a mobile app, you may also need to upgrade to the newest version.


"Sie spielen mit deinem Tiger." was not accepted. Any clues? Reported just in case.


"Sie spielen mit deinem Tiger." was not accepted.

Indeed -- that could only mean "They are playing with your tiger", not "You are playing with your tiger."

"You are playing with your tiger" can be any of:

  • Du spielst mit deinem Tiger. (if you are talking to one person whom you know well)
  • Ihr spielt mit eurem Tiger. (if you are talking to several people whom you know well)
  • Sie spielen mit Ihrem Tiger. (if you are speaking formally -- whether to one or more people)

Which form you choose depends on whom you're speaking to. You can't suddenly change from formal to informal, from informal to formal, or from plural to singular in the middle of your sentence.

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