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What is your opinion on Polish language?

And how does it sound for a foreigner?

August 10, 2017



It's sound like someone is constantly shushing me, but in a seductive way.


I have been converted, my s/o must now learn Polish


I am curious as to how you know what shushing in a seductive way sounds like 2333


That's such a great description!


I know this might be a strange description but for me personally I think at times it sounds like a conglomoration of what I've heard spoken in Russian, French, and Italian. The Polish language is uniquely beautiful though -in my opinion.


The way I see it, Polish language isn't easy but neither the most difficult one. I learn Polish and really like it so it's worth dedicate your time to this language. :)


I learned some last summer. It was really hard because of the case system, pronunciation, and mostly spelling. I still remember a bit, I think it was like Dziewczcynka or something. It'll take a lot of dedication.


Oh yeah. That turned me off right at the bat. I saw that word and I went "nope!" Then again, some other languages that I want to learn have really long words too (German, anyone?), so I guess I'll just have to deal.


I find the long German words easy actually. Just a bit hard to memorize the extremely long ones.


It happened to me too, but after a while I got used to it, so luckily no it isn't as difficult. :)


It sounds softly and tenderly, in my view.


Lots of shushing; lots of "ego."


I finished the course last winter, and I developed a saying in the process: Polish has (almost) as many conjugation patterns as it has words.

You might want to move this thread to the Polish forum by the way.


People not studying Polish may still have their opinions. I wouldn't be surprised if it were, in fact, these completely uninformed opinions of most interest to the OP.

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