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"Manden stjæler min identitet hver gang jeg får en ny."

Translation:The man steals my identity every time I get a new one.

August 10, 2017



After, like, attempt three, I think I would deliberately troll him. Sure, buddy, you can have my identity, but all your government communications are in French now, you donate regularly and generously to six different controversial causes, and you just ordered fifty pounds of edible glitter online. Bonne chance!


Just a thought, but maybe they should go somewhere else to get a new identity.


How many authorities are issuing new identities? :-D

Anyways, they probably need to look into cyber security...

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He uses the identity to buy beer.


Holy owls, Batman, that's dark.


Does this mean an identity or could it mean an ID card? In a different question it seemed to mean ID card.


It really means a new identity, but possibly Duo's intention is to say ID card...I don't know.

ID card would be 'identitetskort' or sometimes 'legitimation' (legitimation, i.e. some physical ID token proving that you're you, old enough to buy that Tuborg beer etc.)


Next time I need a new identity I'm heading to Denmark. Apparently you can fairly easily accrue new official personas over there! The downside is that apparently identify theft is also rife over there.


It's a win-lose-win situation.


So I'm guessing in danish you don't have to repeat the 'en' at the end of 'a ... one'?



Colloquially, we might say "en ny en", but it's not needed. (I'd even say it's bad language, if not directly wrong, to repeat it like that.)


This has been going on for a long time. It's discomforting to have to use incorrect language so as to "progress".


Identity theft is not a joke, Jim! Millions of families suffer every year!

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