"Das will ich nicht wünschen."

Translation:I do not hope so.

March 9, 2013



Wouldn't "das hoffe ich nicht" be better and easier for "I do not hope so"?

March 9, 2013


"Das will ich nicht hoffen" is the most usual way of saying it in German, considered to be more elegant than "Das hoffe ich nicht."

"Das will ich nicht wünschen" is technically correct, but sounds a bit like somebody not being able to think of the right word. As a translation of "I hope not" it is definitely second choice. (If at all)

But you can say: "Das würde ich niemandem wünschen" or "Das würde ich niemandem wünschen wollen" with the meaning: "I wouldn't wish this to anybody." In this case you are talking about something seriously bad, whereas "Das will ich nicht hoffen" can be something quite harmless.

March 14, 2014


or maybe "Das wünsche ich nicht" ?

April 30, 2013


"I do not hope so" sounds wrong.

May 21, 2013


Unless I've mis-understood the meaning, the more natural English translation would be "I hope not".

February 5, 2014


Isn't it funny how DL does manage to miss the natural expression in BOTH languages? I wonder how they do it.

March 14, 2014


I was marked wrong for this

May 7, 2014


"Das wünsche ich nicht" is something totally different: "This is not my wish!"

March 14, 2014


Wouldn't it literally be "I won't wish that?"

August 7, 2013


I translated literally "I don't want to wish that" and was marked correct.

August 16, 2013


Being marked correct is always a comfort, isn't it?

March 14, 2014


It is a comfort indeed, but I always wish a confirmation from DLs' friends... I translated like immolatrix Is it too literal? (I'm beginner in English too).

August 1, 2014


If "ich will"="i want" why isn't this included in the sentence. The solution corresponds better to "ich wünsche das nicht" i guess.

March 24, 2014


Can you leave the Das off, or put it someplace else in the sentence?

April 9, 2015


I've listened to this several times, and every time it sounds like 'münschen' with an 'M'.

June 4, 2015


can someone explain how 'i do not hope so' translates as 'das will ich nicht wunchen'? isnt it literally 'i dont want to wish so'

August 8, 2015
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