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A possible change

So... I don't know if this was the most wonderful idea I've had but this idea has been nagging at me for a while. So I want to send a letter to some people in the American government to make teachers in preschool- 2nd grade teach their pupils a little bit of a language. A little bit of Spanish, or french, etc, because it's easier for children at that age to take in and remember the knowledge of a language. So maybe, 30 minutes a day, teaching a language, but while making it fun. Sing songs, take field trips, etc. I guess, as America grows with immigrants from all over the world, if we know what they say, we can communicate and get along. So, please up-vote if you agree, and If a get at least ten up-votes, I might send a letter addressing this to the government. comment if you don't agree, and maybe suggest other ideas. Thanks in advance =)

August 11, 2017



If you write to the government, what would be your reasons behind the suggestion? How would you convince them that other languages will be useful for students? What language/s would you suggest as the most useful for the students? Spanish seems like the most likely answer, but if I'm not mistaken, the USA is a very monolingual nation, just like here in UK.

For me, it's actually been quite a battle to find chances to use and practice the French I've learned. French for me is entirely a want, it's not a need. It's unlocked a few small things so far (mostly online), but no wonders. Situations like mine will likely discourage - unless they have the same interest and tenacity as me in French, the lack of need or even use in their lives will make their motivation outside of exams next to nothing, thus they'll lose their knowledge very quickly.

In short: while I think this could potentially be a good idea, I don't feel like the education alone is enough to make much change. The students need incentive and chances to use in real life, otherwise they won't have enough motivation to properly learn.


There are much more chances to use in the usa because i lot more people speak sanish or chinese there, in uk no one really speaks french and you have to go to french perhaps if you learn polish, there were many polish speakers where we used to go to my grandmothers, in peterbourgh, although there was only 1 in the school 2 hours away where i used to go so maybe is different in different places


I'm still working out the kinks to this, so I'm still working on this. It's is only a proposed idea. And a little change is frankly, better than no change. But thanks for the suggestions!


Does America not teach kids any language when they are young? even England, the only other english speaking country i have experiance with., teaches french from a very young age like 5, when does america start language classes?


@Qiunnn, it really depends on the school you go to. For instance, at my school I started learning Latin in first grade. But in some schools, you aren't taught another language until middle school or high school. Some schools do start language learning at an early age, but it really depends which school.


In Preschool I learned some Spanish but don't remember any and I'm from the United States. Usually people in the USA start learning a language in high school.


Woah, that is quite shocking


Yes, I didn't even start to learn a second language until I was a Sophomore in high school, but it was mostly due to my own faults and other... Circumstances. Though, I vaguely remember singing Spanish songs in kindergarten, but that's mostly it. Oh, and I learned how to count up to five in Spanish... And, I'm from a state where people speak Spanish. A lot.


Qiunnn - No typically we do not. Language instruction often starts in middle school ages 12 and up. Some schools might have it earlier but it's not required and it's not the norm. It makes more sense to start languages earlier, but it's seen as optional along with art and music.

Many of my friend do have their children in bilingual education or they take language classes. Both bilingual Spanish and Mandarin schools are popular in my area. Some take German, Hebrew, or other languages outside of school.


I think that is an awesome idea!!! I am home schooled and have been learning Spanish since I was a small child as a second language and I think it really helps to learn a language when you're younger. I think you really can't go wrong learning a new language because you can meet so many great people you otherwise wouldn't have. Great idea!!


I think that is a really good idea. You should definitely write the letter!


Thanks, but looking at the upvotes, I don't think everyone agrees =(

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