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No streak reward?

I recently updated Duolingo on my iPad and got switched to the new gems system. Suddenly, no reward for 10 days additional on my streak. I never used my lingots to speak of but getting them every 10 days was very motivating anyway. It was especially disappointing not to get anything this time since it was my one hundredth day.

Is this the way it's being done now? Or am I part of some A/B test? In general, I don't like the gems as well anyway, I get some silly random number of gems every day just for completing my daily goal, but I don't get a reward for a much more significant accomplishment of fulfilling my goal every day for 10 days. This seems very stupid and I frankly feel discouraged instead of motivated.

August 11, 2017

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You should still get the lingots for keeping your streak but you can only see them on the website. What happened with me was that Duolingo converted my lingots to Gems on my iPad but I still had my lingots on the web interface and I could still use them on the web store.

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