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Kanji and hiragana

Note: I have only been playing on my phone.

I wish that when kanji is suggested, when the only examples shown have been in hiragana (or katakana), the hiragana for the kanji could be included in the suggestion. If we can't write in kanji, and there's no way to hear it, it's pretty much a guess which one is supposed to be used.

August 11, 2017



That's right.

Kanji is too much words, and of course very hard to write. On phone we can not type kanji, and we have no way to hear it. Its spell likes hiragana and katakana.


We write Japanese sentences include kanji on mobile phone. I think you can do it as same as us. Both iphone and Android can do. We type romaji. that is spell of hiragana you like. And then we convert to kanji. We just choose correct kanji in some kanjis.

maybe. (・・;)

how do you type hiragana?


If there was a way to have hiragana in the suggestions (rather than the kanji we've never seen before) it would help ...


I've noticed that hints often suggest kanji where no such kanji are available in box-arranging exercises, if that's what you mean. This can make selecting the right word written in kana pure guesswork if one cannot remember it. It is not consistent, however—kana are shown in hints for words normally written with kanji sometimes but not others.


That's exactly what I meant. BTW, it's nice to see someone else who enjoys learning lots of languages out there :)


When I was learning Japanese in a classroom setting, we started by learning the kana alphabets first, which makes my kanji quite weak. I was very surprised to see kanji so early on on duo! If nothing else, I wish furigana would be added to the kanji so we can see the kana characters instead of guessing at which kanji looks correct.

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