Microphone issues

I've been using duolingo for a couple weeks with no problems, but recently I've been unable to get past a lesson since the microphone voice recording feature doesn't seem to be working doesn't seem to be my computer or the connection, just seems to be buggy.

I see that there have been plenty of microphone issues in the past - curious if I'm missing something or someone knows a fix. I'd love to be able to continue but I can't get past this lesson and unlock the rest of the curriculum.

August 11, 2017


Take a look at here:

Speaking exercises on the new website only work on browsers that support the Web Speech API, the most popular being Chrome. Unfortunately, the old speech system was outdated and a burden on our system. If you use the Chrome browser, you will get speaking exercises again.

Features Under Consideration:

  • Speaking exercises for browsers that do not support the Web Speech API


(Note: if using the Chrome browser doesn't work, uninstalling and reinstalling the browser seems to fix the situation.)

August 11, 2017

@Speir_ thanks! I was already using Chrome, but your advice of reinstalling worked. Much obliged :)

August 15, 2017

No problem; best of luck! ;D

August 15, 2017

I am also facing the same issue, first two weeks, it worked normally but from last week microphone is not working whereas it is working on every other site, I am using this site in chrome only... plz help me

August 14, 2017
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