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What's YOUR Maybe-Later Language List?

"Huh?", you might ask, drowning in a sea of confusion...
I'll explain. ;)

We all have our own "language bucket lists" https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9873909

They're all so diverse. They come in all shapes and sizes from big to small, from languages of the same type to any types at all, from languages spoken in just one area to any area anywhere at all, and even just one language to an infinite, never ending list, always allowing more to crawl their way in.

We are all so different and each one of us can identify with at least one of these types...

...but what if you're not the type that just lets as many languages as they want onto their language bucket list? What if you have more you might like to learn, might not, but by some miracle you finish all the languages on your language bucket list rather earlier than expected and you're in different levels of fluency in all those languages? Like, these languages aren't really all that interesting to you (anymore) but it wouldn't bother you to learn them at all if you finish your original plan rather early...

To see my language bucket list, or to see others', or to share your own, please click on the link above, if you haven't done so already.

Here's my maybe-later language list:

  1. Turkish

  2. Polish

  3. Hebrew

That little spark of "just maybe if the chance were there, but I wouldn't care if I didn't get to learn these after all."

What's on your maybe list?? :)

August 11, 2017



1.- Czech
2.- Chinese
3.- Sanskrit
4.- Hindi
5.- Gothic
6.- Old English
7.- Klingon
8.- Haitian Creole
9.- Occitan
10.- Macedonian
11.- Greek
12.- Romanian
13.- Latin
14.- Afrikaáns


Wow! Amazing list!!! And it's comprehensible as to why these are on your maybe list.

Good luck on your language bucket list, though!! ;D


Thanks, good luck to you too!


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Wow, your maybe list is so long! I wish you could learn all these languages! :)


Some of the languages I put on my bucket list are those I've started learning, but stopped because I wanted to focus on French. But, here's mine:

  • Japanese

  • Korean

  • Latin

  • Romanian

  • German


No problem if you stopped learning these languages, you can continue anytime. Good luck! :)


Lovely list!! :D

Good luck and I hope you get to finish the ones on your bucket list so you could get to try some on this maybe list as well!!!!!


That's like a 100 % copy of mine if you ditch latin and romanian. Even the part where you stopped to focus on french xD

  1. Icelandic
  2. Russian
  3. Norwegian
  4. Arabic


if you wanna some help in arabic feel free to ask me ,,, good luck :)


Very nice sweet and simple list! Good luck on your main target languages!!!! :D


Võro, Russian, Lithuanian, (Northern?) Sami, Greenlandic, Norwegian/Swedish, Japanese, Mongolian, Azeri, Kazakh, Uyghur.

My actual language bucket list already has 8 languages on it, so unfortunately I doubt I'll ever get to any of these. :(

And hey, I definitely recommend Turkish. O çok ilginç, ve bence türkçe dünyadaki en güzel dil!


Woah! Interesting list!!!!

And aw! X) I wish you look on your language learning journey! Finish that bucket list!! :D

And thank you!... I'll think about Turkish... :) Can you please translate what you've written in Turkish?? Sorry to be a pain. I'm just a little curious..


Hah, thanks - and good luck to you too!

"It's very interesting, and I think Turkish is the most beautiful language in the world!" (Although I probably wrote it wrong, lol, but I guess making mistakes is how you learn :P)


Oh! Okay, I see, yes, I agree that it's definitely one of the most beautiful. It's up there!

And hehe! Yeah, it sure is how you learn! :D Have fun!



(1) Reverse English for Spanish tree

(2) French

(3) Portuguese


(4) Italian.

(5) German

(6) Norwegian

(7) Esperanto

(8) Vietnamese

My plan is to become fluent in Spanish first, and then finish my French tree (I stopped French because I wanted to give more attention to Spanish), start and finish the Portuguese tree after my French, and the Italian one after Portuguese, and so on. If a Latin tree ever comes out, I'm totally doing it. The Italian, Vietnamese, Esperanto, Norwegian, and German trees are only if I finish the Spanish, Portuguese, Reverse. and French trees.


Woah! Amazing plan, Woof.....!!!

Very organized! You'll learn your target languages! Just wait!!

If you do get to do Italian, I could help if you need it! Or anytime with Spanish too!


Hola Woof.....

I noticed in a discussion you had, you corrected someone about the number of dots in your name. Just how many does it have to be.? Just curious.


Five. It's not important, just call me Woof.


Gracias. I thought/think that it was important to you, since you did mention the dots, And now that you tell me just how many, it is important. Would it be too much, to tell, why the dots.? (just curious er )


Hahahahaha. It was because ''Woof'' was apparently taken, and so was ''Woof.'' and ''Woof...'' and so was ''Woof....'' but ''Woof.....'' was not. Very weird.


So, Woof has something to do with your name, is that why you had to have it.? And speaking of weird, what do you make of that number of people that wanted (did) to use it. Personally (I know you didn't ask) I don't think, in this case, dots are good. It's too easy to mistake you for someone else.

But on the other hand, this isn't exactly "e-mail'.


Actually, no. I am not exactly sure myself why I changed it to Woof....., but I just did. As for the number of people who wanted to use ''Woof.'' I have not seen them, so they are probably in another country, or no longer active. And what exactly do you mean by ''This isn't exactly 'e-mail.' ''?


For some reason there was no reply button on your last response. The fact that I look at it on my phone might have caused that. Anyway, about that "e-mail" remark, I was thinking about the dots and it kind of brought e-mail to mind and the fact that you have to be so careful about THAT address. Whereas in Duo it's not quite that serious. IMHO


Well, I'm already focusing on learning Romanian but the languages that I want to learn in the future are:

  1. American Sign Language
  2. French
  3. Italian


Ooo! Very nice! ;D I wish you the best on them!!!

If you need help with Italian, I'll be happy to help! :D


I'd like to learn irish and Welsh especially. 1. Welsh 2. Irish 3. Hindi 4. Polish 5. Afrikaans 6. An asian language (chinese maybe)


Very interesting list! Once I started to learn Welsh which I really liked, so I definitely recommend it. :)


Yes, nice list!! Celtic and northern languages like you're preferred two are ususally ignored, unfortunately. Even by me.. :(

Good luck on your journey!! :D


Well, I love languages and if I had the chance, I would learn all of them. Because I think the more languages you speak, the more you can get to know the world. But here are a few languages I put on my maybe list:





Sweet and simple list! Nice. :)

I hope you succeed in accomplishing your language learning goal!!!! Good luck!!! :D


Except of these languages which I am already learning:

  1. Irish

  2. Ukrainian

  3. Esperanto

  4. Greek

  5. Romanian

  6. French

  7. Catalan


Great list! Good luck for it! :)


Good luck on it!



Grazie molto! :D


Woah! Nice list!!! :D

I truly wish you the best! You'll do it!! :D


Thanks ;) hope I'll have time for all these languages.


You will! Just take your time and you'll definitely succeed!!! :D

  1. Finnish (I'm half finnish so I should learn it better)
  2. Irish/Scottish Gaelic
  3. Latin

That's it! I can get by with the other languages that I know :)


If you are half Finnish, it's much easier to learn this language. Good luck! :)


Yes I know many words but zero grammar :P Thank you!


Nice. Lovely list!!! :D

Good luck on your journey!!! Especially with Finnish!! XD :D


Not sure what to say for this one... lack of self-control has meant that I seem to just be futilely moving all of my list on to my learning list, and as a result not sticking to any of my goals...


Hahaha!! Lovely. X) Much respect! You're still learning so that's always good!

I wish you the best!!! :D


I love the sound and feel of Icelandic, and the script is beautiful as well. Part of me also wants to learn Basque, as I've heard the language is one of the hardest to speak, even for native speakers at times.


What Icelandic script? Do you mean the two extra letters and the acute accents (and a ligature)? But I'm w/ you in thinking Icelandic would be well worth learning.


I do indeed. Handwritten Icelandic is beautiful. =)


I've heard and seen Icelandic written and it truly simply is beautiful!...

In fact, I almost started learning it once three years ago, but then I stopped. XD Since I wouldn't speak it with many people. And the other languages that are on my lists I find more interesting.

But I wish you luck on all your languages!! :D And hopefully you could get to learn at least some Icelandic!!!!!!


French, Czech, Portuguese, Catalan and Japanese :-D


Interesting list!!! :D

I wish you the best on the ones you're learning! :D Keep it up!


Thank you, I wish you all the best too :-D


1.portugese 2,italian 3,french 4,turkish 5,japanese (good luck with you language list ^^*)


Great list! I wish you the best!!! :D

[deactivated user]


    High Valyrian







    these are mine.


    Ooo! Great list!! :D

    I definitely agree with Hebrew and Polish. XD

    I wish you the best!! Good luck :D

    [deactivated user]

      I am Asian, so some Asian languages are not on my list. Even though some Asian languages have special characters, I still think they are easy to learn. :)


      Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, French, Russian


      Lovely list!! Good luck on your journey! You'll make it! :D


      Language bucket list: Spanish, French, German, Norwegian, Slovak.

      Extras: Romanian, Frisian, Albanian, Armenian, Lithuanian, Romansh, Uzbek, Kurdish and Old Church Slavonic. Perhaps Macedonian or Bulgarian, probably not. Also maybe some language of Middle East or India also probably not. Organized in order of likelihood. I'd at least like to see what these look like, in any case.


      Lovely language bucket list. Lovely extras list as well!! :D

      Maybe you could learn either Macedonian or Bulgarian and then your favorite Middle Eastern language. :D

      Good luck!!! :)

      1. Russian
      2. Yiddish
      3. Spanish
      4. Polish
      5. ASL
      6. Swedish
      7. Egyptian Arabic
      8. ASL
      9. Hebrew
      10. Japanese

      After this point it gets hard to distinguish "wanting to learn it" from "thinking it would be cool if I knew it".


      Really nice list!! I wish you the best! :D

      And honestly, yeah, me too. Hahaha! XD I feel you...


      With my absolute bucketlist containing Finnish, Icelandic, Czech (already started) and Romanian, here's my maybe-list: Hebrew Polish Estonian Spanish (My passive Spanish knowledge is pretty good though) Yiddish


      My list is 1. Spanish 2. Hebrew 3.Greek 4.Hindi


      Yes, I totally understand why Hebrew. :)

      Greek is spoken but not as popularly as other European languages, like Spanish. Interesting choice with Spanish!......

      Hindi is tough.

      I wish you the best on your language learning experience! :D


      Greek can be a bit difficult because of the letters, but I'm sure you can do it! :)


      I think it's a good idea as English is spoken almost everywhere around the world. Good luck for it! :)


      I have quite a few:

      • Afrikaans

      • German

      • Hungarian

      • Yiddish

      • Hindi

      • Urdu

      • Vietnamese

      • Persian (Farsi)

      • Mohawk

      • Cherokee

      • Guarani

      • Finnish

      • Russian

      • French

      I have a good reason to seriously learn all of these but I also have a reason to wait until I'm more comfortable in my other languages. Other languages I'm either really unsure about or I don't really need to learn but I have the idea it'll be fun.


      Good list! If you need any help in Hungarian, feel free to ask me! :)


      Hungarian is a really nice language :)


      It is, but still difficult. At least it is said.


      Unfortunately yes. It's the hardest language I've ever learned


      Sometimes it is difficult for a native speaker too. :D


      Marvelous!! You're another one of those true polyglots! Amazing choices of languages!!

      I wish you luck on bother your lists. Have an amazing journey!! :D


      Just out of curiosity, why are you learning so many languages? And which one is your native language?


      My native language is English. I decided to start learning languages because I want to be an anthropologist. (An anthropologist is someone who studies human culture). Eventually I want to get an anthropology degree with Latin American and Middle Eastern minors from a university, and I want to move to Sweden before I retire. I also have a travel bucket list and I want to learn languages related to my ancestry.


      WOW that is extremely impressive


      Impressive!!! So inspiring and moving!! :D !!!

      I truly wish you the best and that you could be able to achieve your dreams! I know you'll make it for sure!! :D


      I'm already fluent in Spanish. Now I am focusing on French. I guess my maybe-later language list would include the following: 1. Italian 2. Portuguese 3. maybe Russia. Once I am fluent in French, I will give these languages a try.


      Very good!! If you need any help with Italian, you can ask me anytime!! Or with Spanish, though you're already fluent in it, so I congratulate you!!! :D

      Good luck on your journey! :D


      Thanks, I will definitely do :)


      I would like to practice Italian so if you liked to, we could talk. :)


      Se ti va, va bene! Possiamo parlare in italiano quando vuoi :D


      Bene! Per esempio mercoledí pomeriggio?


      Vabbè! Ma ora che ci penso, non abbiamo nessun posto per parlarci in italiano.. perché hanno cancellato i nostri canali d'attività. Quindi, non possiamo parlare con gli altri sui loro profili mai più... :/

      E qui nelle discussioni non si può parlare, ovviamente. Mi dispiace tanto!.. :,( Sono triste.

      Ho un'amica italiana che non sa parlare molto l'italiano. Sa soltanto il suo dialetto. :(

      Comunque, piacere di conoscerti e continui avanti imparando le lingue che vuoi!!! :D Ce la farai!


      I think Italian is a good choice. It is on my list too. :)


      Native - English Bilingual fluent German started Spanish - A1 1 - Czech 2 - Korean 3 - Hindi 4 - Lakota 5 - American Sign Language


      In my opinion Korean, Hindi and Lakota languages are very interesting to learn. Good luck for it! :)


      Lakota? COOL!!!!


      Amazing!! :) Keep it up!! :D


      Swedish was on my bucket list for a long time, and now I just began learning it. Will probably go for German after it.


      Very simple and very sweet!!! I'm glad for you! Good luck on finishing your Swedish and I hope you also get to learn German afterwards!!! :D


      I can already speak Fluence English, Dutch & Hungarian. The problem is that I go to school in The Netherlands and sometimes I visit my family in Hungary, so I never learned writing Hungarian xD I think Duolingo can help me with that, also my bucket list:

      • Italian
      • Spanish
      • Swedish
      • German
      • French
      • (Hungarian)


      Very nice list!! Good luck!!

      Interesting story! I think you should totally give Hungarian on Duolingo a shot! It'll help you to write the words in Hungarian. :)

      If you ever need help with Spanish or Italian, I'll be glad to help!! :)


      I know, Polish, English. My goal to know is: Japanese, French, German, Mandarin, Swedish/Norwegian, Spanish. If I will given the chance.. My maybe list is: Czech, Korean, other of Scandinavian, Finnish too, Arabic, Hindi, Russian


      Simply amazing!! Well done and I hope the best for you and your languages!! :D


      Amharic, Arabic, Afrikaans, American Sign, Japanese


      Almost all starting with "A"s. XD

      Good luck!!! :D


      This is a challenging topic, because I have a clear idea of the languages I'd like to learn, but prioritizing them is more of a challenge. For instance, there are a few languages I've started here, because they're available from Duolingo, but that wouldn't necessarily have been among my top choices:

      Dutch Norwegian Swedish Hebrew Turkish

      But there are others that are harder to acquire, because there are fewer resources available, that I'd like to learn even though they might not be as useful to me:

      Greenlandic Tok Pisin Mongolian Lithuanian Basque Romani

      I guess that last list would constitute my "maybe" or "if I have time" list, but, all things being equal, I might have chosen one of those over a language I'm now studying. Maybe.


      Woah! Truly amazing and unique!!! :D

      I wish you the absolute best on this language experience!!! :D











      -Yiddish (maybe, lower chance)

      -Haitian Creole




      Yeah, quite a few. It's mainly because I don't want to be doing too many at once because it is more difficult to focus on a particular language a lot, and also because a few I've tried and found them fairly difficult or I just wasn't too interested while I was learning. A lot of these are more 'these would be cool to learn' rather than 'I'm going to learn these', I don't want to be doing too many at once.


      i've planned a whole list from now until the end of 2020 xD I'll start with french, then korean, , japanese, russian and after that my interests will probably go to spanish and hebrew.


      Really nice bunch of languages!! I wish you luck on your way to 2020!!!! :D XD


      Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, another dialect of English, a Slavic language that I haven't decided on quite yet ( I'm leaning towards Bulgarian ), possibly Hungarian, and Chinese are all languages that I plan on studying in the future.


      Well set list of languages!! I hope you get to at least try to learn one of each kind of languages! :)

      Amazing! Good luck on your journey ahead!!! :D


      Thanks, becoming a Polyglot is my goal.


      My list, in no particular order:

      Greek Latin Chinese Japanese Arabic Amharic


      Lovely list of diverse languages!!!

      Hopefully you get to learn at least one or two!! I suggest Greek, since it's very lovely to listen to, and even their music! And they have a beautiful alphabet! It's so lovely! X)

      But many people do speak Chinese and Arabic.

      Have fun!!!! I wish you the best on your language learning experience!!! :D


      I can understand Arabic and Amharic. I'm trying to learn Arabic now and it's hard just to learn the alphabet. Beautiful language to listen to and look at though.


      My maybe - later list:
      1. Sanskrit.
      2. Latin.
      3. Spanish.

      I'd like to learn these but i'd be okay if i never get to them.


      Nice! Interesting how you put Spanish up there! Hmm.. But very unique!

      I wish you the best on your journey!!! :D


      I don't really enjoy learning Spanish but, i'd like to learn it. That's why i put it there :)
      Good luck on yours as well!


      I guess I'd say Malagasy, Greenlandic, Kazakh, Tok Pisin, Mongolian.

      I feel like overall my bucket list hasn't actually caught up to how easy it is to get started in new languages thanks to Duolingo and other newer tools. I've already wound up with significant knowledge of languages that I'd never even given much thought to!


      I've already learned Russian, which was my original goal. I'll probably spend some more time polishing it (have a vocab around ~17k now which is enough to do anything really, but I want to be 100% bilingual)

      but I had so much fun learning Russian I've begun studying Mandarin Chinese in my free time. I doubt I'll ever focus on it with as much passion as I did Russian, having memorized only a few dozen symbols thus far, but maybe one day :)


      Thank you all for all of your comments!! :D It's so amazing to see what other people plan on perhaps studying later on, and I love the enthusiasm. Never lose hope, guys, never let go!!

      Thanks so much!! :D Much love :)

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