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1000 day streak!

I have lost several streaks of 140 and 350 but I picked myself up and continued again (and again). I am by no means fluent but Duolingo has given me the confidence to tackle most situations. I have completed French from English and almost through English from French. I have also tried out a few others along the way, Italien, Dutch and even Esperanto. OK, now for the next 1000!

August 11, 2017



Bonne continuation! I'm right behind you! Well, not quite RIGHT behind you.

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Wow. Great job. The streaks aren't so important to me, but I like how you are learning as well. I hope to do as well, with or without a streak.


oohhh my got!!!!! Good Job, So Great!!!!


Very good job Restermen. Congratulations :-)


Congrats man!!!!!!!!!! who knows a day i can go in this level


Yay! Good luck with your amazing streak! Congrats!


lần trước mình được 5000 day streaks


xin chúc mừng nha, cho mk xin 10lings vs


cho mk xin 10lings vs


Excellent ! You had to try very much right ? But, your study still not the most, so you have to continue .


19 days... I always have sleepovers, so i miss...

[deactivated user]

    I know it's so hard sometimes, if i'm going out at night after work I make sure to get my 20 xp during my travels (as I take the train). Keep your head up it'll get larger everyday.


    I take public transport too. But I don't always have something with me to do it on...

    [deactivated user]

      My phone is attached to me like glue. Also I didn't notice the first time but I am vegan as well. Whoop Whoop!!


      CEST GENIAL!!! Almost 3 years. It's tremendeous :)


      That's awesome! Very inspiring as I work on my own goal of 365 days straight! On day 73 so I have a ways to go.




      Could you say your at a conversational level after this? Have you taking classes or used other websites from this? Also when you started were you a complete beginner? --- I want to know to see where duolingo would take me if I complete Polish course.---


      What an amazing feat! Congratulations and have a lingot!


      Congrats ♥. You're cool ☻


      I love how you never gave up even after losing all those other streaks! Congrats on getting to 1,000, Restermen! I wish you the best. :-)




      Congratulations! Do you have any learning tips you'd care to share?


      Félicitations pour votre réussite, vous m'inspire à continuer à pratiquer les langues que je veuille apprendre!!


      Hi ikuba1 and to all you kind people, I had no idea that I would get such a lovely response to my post and for that I am very grateful, so thank you to you all. Yes, I can handle many situations with a fair degree of confidence though to be honest, I don't just use Duolingo. I now live in France and have a very kind neighbour who brings me a newspaper most days which helps. I always get up early, 06:15 and try to have about half an hour with duolingo, depending on the enthusiasm! I try to read something, say something and listen to something every day. However, I often find that when I translate legal type documents, even though I can understand 99% of the words it is still quite confusing to "really" understand the meaning. I have tried other programmes in the past; memrise, babbel, Mocha (now merged into Rosetta Stone I think), Lawles french (for detail) and have made a great deal of use of Google Translate by trying to find at least one sentence each day that I would like to see, generally something that I think of during the day which I find confusing to translate. I am not fluent though, shame, but I will continue to work with Duolingo on a daily basis, who knows, maybe another 1000. I am always looking forward to new ideas from Duolingo and was quite excited when they introduced their Class Room. I also have my own learning school which I set up, though only have a few learners on it at the moment. When I started I think it fair to say I was pretty much a beginner, I knew the odd word and a few sentences which I had learnt parrot fashion but that was about it so I thank Duolingo very much for helping me achieve a long lasting dream. Who knows, one day I might just get there!


      I've always said ''practice makes perfect''. I find these facts as a constant self-taught process which aims to grasp the improvement of the language learning. In fact, I use Duolingo as my main language learning tool as well. But, in spite of that, I search and use other apps in order to learn such as: channels on Youtube, english and french speaking videos, grammar books and pages. I'm deeply into it every day too and I'd like to know if I can join to your Class Room.


      Congrats, good job!

      I'll do my best for it too.


      I'm only on streak 1 sad D=

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