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Colors in Japanese

Basic colors, specific colors (light blue, sky blue, sakura color, peach, navy blue, and emerald), how to say "color", "rainbow" and "colorful". All in 21 cards with non-boring pictures and no English. Japanese keyboard highly recommended.


Let me know if I can add or edit anything. :)

EDIT: Changed the colors to more closely match the Japanese equivalent, added a new pure blue card (since "ao" is both blue and green) and included another source.

August 11, 2017



The cards are well prepared, nice job!

I tried the cards, and I’d like to give two small comments:

  • Since the translation is not provided on the card, the learner (especially a beginner) will rely on the color you selected to understand the meaning. But few colors may cause confusion. I’m referring to shades of the same color, like the blue shades 空色 and 水色, and also the pink shades ピンク, 桜色 and 桃色. There is a Japanese website that provides official definitions and color samples for a wide collection of colors, and you can find the ones in your deck and more. My suggestion is to use them as reference to choose the pictures for the cards (you’ll see that for example, 水色 looks quite different from the color on your card).

In the link below, click on the Japanese color name to get the color sample.


  • In Japanese, 青(あお)is used to refer to both (blue) and also (green). In fact, and from my experience in Japanese culture, it is common to use 青 to say (green) and ブルー to say (blue). One known example is the traffic light colors, which are referred to in Japanese as 青、黄、赤 (see the wikipedia page below). It would be useful if you add a card that explains the dual use of this word.



Thank you for writing this out for me, I'll keep this in mind and edit some of the cards later. :)


Thanks for this!


Interesting! Thanks! :)

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