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Verbs: Infinitives grammar lesson confusion

Hi all!

I'm currently on the "Verbs: Infinitives" lesson and am just downright confused. I've tried looking up videos to get further explanation of the topic but can't seem to find the appropriate topic that relates to the lesson.

Specifically, I'm confused about the verb+infinitive+preposition/adjective/noun rules. Sometimes the lesson seems to be glossing over important info. (Which I understand, they can't put everything on here.)

Is there an article that has a full overview of what this lesson covers just more clearly and specifically I guess.


August 11, 2017

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Infinitive is after preposition : à , de , pour, sans. Or after a conjugated verb.

Je veux aller à la piscine. (conjugated verb is veux)

Je vais acheter du pain. (conjugated verb is vais)

Tu aurais pu acheter du pain. (conjugated verb is aurais pu)

J'aimerais te parler. (conjugated verb is aimerais and the verb is se parler)

Je n'arrive pas à écrire. (Preposition à)

Merci de m'aider. (Preposition de)

Pour parler tu es le premier. (Preposition pour)

Tu le fais sans répondre. (Preposition sans)

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