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  5. "Мой отец ещё не старый."

"Мой отец ещё не старый."

Translation:My father is not old yet.

August 11, 2017


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The translation provided was "My father is not old yet", while "My father is still not old" was rejected. As a native speaker of (American) English, I wouldn't have seen any particular difference in meaning between these two sentences.


I also thought "My father is still not old". Can any native speakers clarify please?


I am an American and this would be the most common way of saying this. Particularly given the Russian sentence, it is the most correct. There is a minor difference in meaning, "still not old" puts the emphasis on still. Not old yet puts the emphasis on not old. For example if you define old as 70, still not old might mean he is 68 or that he is 72 but does not act his age. Not old yet would mean that he cannot be more than 69.


Why is "Not too old yet" correct and "not old yet" incorrect? From what are we supposed to infer the adverb "too"?


"Not old yet" is in the primary translation. If it wasn't accepted then there was either a typo or a bug.


On the mobile version, where one must choose tiles of words, I had this Russian phrase - "Мой отец ещё не старый" - and the English tiles to choose from were:

  • my
  • daddy
  • is
  • not
  • yet
  • old
  • too
  • worse
  • gray
  • more
  • color

I chose the first 6 tiles. I was counted wrong because I did not say, "My daddy is not too old yet."

I take 2 issues with this and I ask if you agree, @kundoo, and will take your advice - (1) отец is father, not daddy, and (2) "too" is not part of this translation, unless there is a set expression or nuance that I am missing? Let me know your thoughts on whether I should report this next time I run across the exercise. Thanks in advance :)


Yes, "отец" is "father", I wouldn't translate it as "daddy". As for the "too", I'm not sure why Duo insist on adding it, if it does. On the desktop version the proposed translation is "My father is not old yet". I personally don't find "too" necessary here.


Thanks! I will report it if I come across it again on mobile. Or maybe I did already when I got the notification of your reply - it's been a long two days, and my memory isn't what it used to be.


'My daddy is not yet too old is' wrong?


Could "My father is still young" be correct? Not literally, but at the root it has the same meaning


You are straying too far from the original sentence. If the author wanted to say "is still young" they would say "ещё молодой". Instead they said "ещё не старый" which means "not old yet".


This was still spoken by the old robolady (2018-12-04)! It sounded as though she said старой. I'm very thankful for the new voices.

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