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Simple Physics, Simple Maths in German

Some nice YouTube channels if you want a little science listening in your diet:


They're a little technical, obviously, but mostly pretty short, enjoyable, and not that hard to follow if you've made your way through the course here. If you want to pick up some of that technical vocabulary, it's a nice way to do so. I ended up there when I went searching for the phrase "Gott würfelt nicht" -


August 11, 2017



Thanks a lot! Whew, some physics topics are already complex in English. Now to take a breath and click on some videos. :-)


That's great! I already know those YT channels but I didn't remember them.

Thank you for the reminder! I'm doing a bachelor's degree in physics at my university, so I need to know some useful vocabulary in German just for sake of fun. Unfortunately, my degree only requires me to know English...

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